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Jennifer Standley

Work is done, the tasks completed, the boxes are checked off. It's a beautiful spring afternoon, the sun is shining and the air is surprisingly warm. You suddenly realize it's been far too long since you walked your favorite nature trail. You put on your sneakers, zip up your fleece hoodie, grab a water and decide to take a walk.

The path is familiar, the old barn on the left with the faded and chipped red wood, characteristic of another lifetime. Just past the budding lilac trees that border the road, you see the old stone wall, still standing proud. Built by hand several generations ago, one rock at a time, it feels so familiar and welcoming to walk where our ancestors once did.

As you wander into the woods, admiring the beauty of nature, you take in a deep breath of fresh air and feel the earth's energy heal you. The intoxicating smell of pine needles on the forest floor and the soft feel under foot gently soothes you. The tree filtered sunlight shines on your face and brings a quiet calm to your soul. The birds are singing, and gathering their nesting materials in anticipation for new life.

You take a moment to relax on a large boulder along the path, and can hear the trickling water from a nearby brook. You pick up a leaf that has fallen from a nearby tree to admire it's unique details, running your fingers along it's perfectly formed texture. You are inspired by it's beauty, feeling close to nature, you realize this is where you belong.

~ Jennifer Standley ~

Every piece I make is inspired by the beauty of nature. Some pieces are combined with elements of historical nature that honor times past, or people who have special places in my heart. I try to convey these aspects into wearable works of art, as their inspiration pours out for each piece I create. I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoy creating them!

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